Message from Dr. Gurpreet S Wander

The Association of Physicians of India has been fulfilling the role of teaching and education by holding national and regional conferences, CMEs, publishing API textbook of Medicine, Medicine Update and Progress in Medicine books, multiple monographs every year, JAPI- the API Journal and holding web seminars across the country.

The establishment of PRF will enable the API to fulfill the wish and desire to encourage and produce original Indian research data that is applicable and beneficial to the Indian population. Certain diseases are unique to our region, we have genetic predilection to certain medical disorders and response to medications is different amongst our population. The emphasis initially will be on epidemiology and clinical research. We will of course encourage ethical and original research. It will be our wish that the work done by Indian physicians gets published in journals with high impact factor so that it is useful across the globe. The API will be very willing to collaborate with other like minded research organizations. I wish the new team under the leadership of the able director Dr Y P Munjal who has huge experience as a researcher, educationist and an administrator. He will be able to fulfill the dream of many senior members to involve Indian physicians in original clinically applicable research. I would request all the members of API to send their suggestions to him and to be proactive in this new and very important activity of our prestigious association.


Gurpreet S Wander
President, Association of Physicians of India



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