Message from Director, PRF

“Knowledge is a potent and subtle distillation of experience, a rare liquor, and it belongs to the person who has the power to see, think, feel, taste, smell, and observe for himself, and who has hunger for it”

 -Thomas Clayton Wolfe

The Association of Physicians (API) was established more than six decades back with the aim of furthering medical education, improving knowledge and helping other people to learn, along with the path to tread and unravel the mastery of disease and medicine.

The two objectives were to study with experience and imparting knowledge was very successfully carried out under aegis of API and ICP. This was the vision of our founding members that we should start doing research with Indian context as the basis and therefore the PRF was established after prolonged deliberation in the year 2016.

It is my proud privilege that I am entrusted with the task of channeling the research wing of API and ICP in our country with participation from large number of population and indoctrinating young doctors into the field of research. Any such effect if it motivates 5-10 doctors every year in field of research will be a major achievement for the Foundation, other significant aim will be to generate evidence in Indian context in Indian patients. Highlighting their generation and predisposition to disease and medicine, so that in the dream of individualizing medicine, we are not left behind the world.

This is a gigantic task in which teachers/researcher/ association members and the patient fraternity had to lend a helping hand so that the Foundation is worthy of its name and establishment. That is the guiding principle of Physician Research Foundation.

Dr YP Munjal
Director, Physician Research Foundation

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