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Messages from the Directors

Message from Dr. Gurpreet S Wander (President, Association of Physicians of India)
The Association of Physicians of India has been fulfilling the role of teaching and education by holding national and regional conferences, CMEs, publishing API textbook of Medicine, Medicine Update and Progress in Medicine books, multiple monographs every year, JAPI- the API Journal and holding web seminars across the country. More»

Message from Dr. Dr. A. Muruganathan(Dean – ICP)
I am pleased to mention API has spread the wing towards research which is the need of the hour. People who are interested in doing research can contact Dr. Y. P. Munjal or any one of us for further assistance in carrying out a research project or programme. More»
Message from Dr. YP Munjal (Director, Physician Research Foundation)
The Association of Physicians (API) was established more than six decades back with the aim of furthering medical education, improving knowledge and helping other people to learn, along with the path to tread and unravel the mastery of disease and medicine. More»

2nd Research and Publication Workshop 2017 More»
PRF research grant application More»
Dr. Sryma P B Nov 2015
Fatty Acid Composition of Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Compartments in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Dr. Gyanranjan Rout Nov. 2014
Hepatic Left Lobe Volume as an Indicator of Adiposity and Related Metabolic Abnormality in Patients with Nafld
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